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Federal Stone and Brick, LLC & Federal Home, LLC
Federal Stone and Brick, LLC was created out of a passion for architecture and landscaping.  As a third generation builder, Doug DeLuca created Federal Stone and Brick, LLC in 2001 with a goal to help a client merge their existing house structure with landscape and hardscape to result in a welcoming retreat for the homeowner and their guests.  It was not long before projects grew from walkways, walls and minor landscaping into larger projects including residential planning, pool houses, outdoor kitchens and living rooms with fireplaces.

Federal Stone and Brick, LLC’s design influences come from annual trips to rural and historic areas in the United States.  New England architecture and landscaping has the strongest influence on designer and owner Doug DeLuca.  “There is something to be said for architecture that looks good 200 years later,” says DeLuca.

In an ever-growing DC Metro area, Federal Stone and Brick, LLC prides itself on creating an established look on new homes through landscape and hardscape, as well as preserving the historical beauty of many older homes.

In 2006, Federal Stone and Brick, LLC launched a sister company called Federal Home, LLC.  A full-service design and build company, Federal Home, LLC specializes in interior renovations and new home construction, that meet the demand of Federal Stone and Brick, LLC clients who want the same workmanship brought inside their homes.

Federal Home, LLC works with architects, interior designers and decorators on all aspects of projects.  A client’s needs are met from design and implementation to furniture placement and paint colors.

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