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Doug DeLuca, Founder & CEO
As the founder of Federal Stone and Brick, LLC in 2001, Mr. DeLuca saw a demand for outdoor living spaces to meet the unique needs of Washingtonians.  Through his designs, Federal Stone and Brick, LLC is able to create peaceful retreats for clients to enjoy.  As a third generation builder, Mr. DeLuca has extensive experience in construction and is a trendsetter in Outdoor Living designs.  He believes pushing the limits of a client’s property is paramount.  “I wanted to see more than a simple square patio attached to a home.  There are ways to maximize the property’s potential through stone, brick, and landscaping,” said DeLuca.

In 2006, DeLuca expanded his company to include Federal Home, LLC.  His Federal Stone and Brick, LLC clients are thrilled to have the opportunity to use his creativity, skill and craftsmanship inside their homes.


  • American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Professional Grounds and Management Society
  • United States Capitol Historical Society
  • Virginia Historical Society
  • Civil War Preservation Trust
  • National Theatre Circle
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